Our vision is a world where every girl chooses her own future.


Because in too many places around the world, girls are treated as second to the boys.

They are denied an education, told who and when to marry, and blocked from leadership. Educated and respected girls are the exception, not the norm.

out of secondary school worldwide—almost the size of the entire UK
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Sources: World Bank, UNICEF


When a girl is educated, respected, and heard,


Girls face many obstacles.
Things like...

  • Poverty

  • Long, dangerous routes to school

  • Higher costs at higher levels of schooling

  • Emphasis on early marriage and traditional roles


But when she gets what she deserves, everything changes. She...

  • earns up to 20% more as an adult with each additional year of schooling

  • Is less likely to marry early & more likely to be in a healthy relationship

  • has fewer, healthier children

  • changes the world around her for the better


she is unstoppable.


The challenges holding girls back are complex, so we don’t pretend to have easy answers or magic wands. It’s not enough to get a girl into school if later she is pulled out for reasons beyond her control. We can teach girls to speak up, but we can’t forget to make sure that the world listens. 

This is why She’s the First takes a holistic approach to our work.

We find, fund, and support solutions that not only educate and empower girls but also build up the communities where they are able to flourish. 

We team up with 12 local organizations in 11 countries, all of which ensure that girls stay on track to complete 12 years of education. What this looks like varies by partner: four are schools, while eight are wraparound programs, supplementing what happens in the classroom.

When you donate to She’s the First, you can be matched with a group of girls who are representative of your impact. You’ll hear directly from girls on how they’re taking action in their community. Want to see an example?

You’ve heard it before: Educate a girl, and she’ll educate her community.
But we want to know: Why is it all on her?!

We work with partners and youth leaders to run trainings, conferences, and advocacy campaigns, so that we all have girls’ backs. With a community that supports her, her possibilities are limitless. 

Our trainings focus on: 

  • Building programs around girls’ needs

  • Inviting girls’ voices into organizational decisions

  • Creating comprehensive child protection policies

For too long, girls have been a topic many people have talked about. We say: No more! Girls deserve a seat at the table, a spot on the stage, and a microphone in hand. Their ideas matter, even more so as we all try to work toward a world where they can decide their own future. 

We work to ensure this by: 

  • Co-hosting trainings with partners on including girls’ voices in organizational decisions

  • Developing Girl Hour, a conference session which brings girls voices directly into learning and decision-making environments

  • Amplifying girls’ own voices in campaigns, on social media, and in videos

Now that you know about our work, help make it possible.